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Ever since my local farmers market started using some of the payment processing products from Square (SQ), I’ve admired it from afar.

True, I don’t own the stock, nor do I own Twitter, the other company that Jack Dorsey runs, but if I had to pick one of these stocks to own, Square would hand’s down be the winner.

While Twitter has changed how we communicate with the world and express our opinions on subjects that are close to us, Square enables small businesses everywhere to set up shop and make a go of it.

InvestorPlace’s Nicolas Chahine recently discussed why he likes going long SQ stock and it’s not your usual reason like earnings or revenue growth but has everything to do with fintech.

“Going long SQ stock has been my way of trading bitcoin without exposing myself to its volatility,” wrote Chahine February 28. “Yes, SQ does move in sympathy with BTC but to a degree and then it rejoins its sector trends.”

Interestingly, Square and Twitter are almost in the same financial position, transition from a money loser to a money maker.

I expect Dorsey to continue to do a good job growing Square’s business while remaining cautiously optimistic about the future.

As Chahine says, Square gives you fintech with a little less risk.

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