Do You Really Understand Social Security?

Do You Really Understand Social Security?

By Mary Kane, Associate Editor | Kiplinger’s Retirement Report April 18, 2018   Gaining a better understanding of how Social Security works is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for retirement. After all, on average, Social Security...

10 Tech Stocks to Watch Like a Hawk This Spring

Earnings release date: Thursday, April 26 Time of day: After the closing bell Today’s Microsoft (MSFT, $96.07) isn’t your father’s Microsoft. The Microsoft of yesteryear was primarily about selling its Windows operating system, with its Office productivity suite’s...

Retirees Often Make This Major Social Security Mistake

Source: Kiplinger This article was originally published on Kiplinger –   Many people take Social Security early and put off tapping into their IRAs and 401(k)s until they must. But that’s the opposite of what most should do,...

Shopping for a 529 Plan for a Grandchild

Source: Kiplinger This article was originally published on Kiplinger –   When searching for a 529 college-savings plan for a grandchild, first check whether your state offers a tax break for your contributions. QMy husband and I...

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